The Fish Beasts

     Normally, you wouldn't think that fish are scary, and I'm talking about regular fish. Fish that you see in Finding Nemo or see in a cartoon. Not raw fish, or disgusting looking fish that rich people eat. I'm talking about fish. I have nothing against them... fish are okay, as long as they're not in my dreams, fish that keep hopping and don't die.

     Now look: I'm not crazy, but those fish were. They were relentless beasts, horrid monsters who didn't know when to stop. To make sense of this, I'm just gonna begin from the beginning, which should make things even more confusing.
     You see, I woke up from my bed like any day other, yawning while looking out the window. Because I was in a dream (and my brain didn't try to apply my memories directly to make sense of things), I was completely okay with my apartment building being on a high-rise of an Arabian city. I walk into my living room, not minding the fact that my uncle (who lives in another country) was giving a tour guide to a bunch of small, chubby, Subcontinental-Asian children. That's when I noticed that there was a small, thin sand-tornado heading towards my home,
The room was shaking subtly, and sand was pouring out of a (non-existing) vent on the roof . The windows were turning beige and cloudy, and you could hear what sounded like rain pounding down on the roof of a car.
     My uncle looked out the window, motionless. He said that this could only be one thing: A "swish" storm.
     Instead of calling the authorities, we decided to (without any type of communication), head to the roof. Dreams are usually seen from first person, but for that moment, it looked like the camera view from a helicopter filming a small, limestone roof (which it looks nothing like in real life). We all appeared on the roof, without any apparent way of getting there, to see what was now a violent sand storm. Somehow, we entered my house again, and not questioning the myriad of people in my living room, I went to my bedroom to sleep some more.
     Don't ask me how, but for some reason, I woke up my family and told them about what happened like it was absolutely nothing. They just shrugged and walked away, and I was about to do so too, until I noticed that the bed sheet under a pillow on the bed, was completely wet.

I inched forward, fearing that something nasty was lurking under the pillow. It was. What a surprise.
     It was fish. Alive, floppy fish.
     It consisted of clown fish, sea slugs, crabs, tarantulas (yes, it's not a fish, but it was there), lemon fish, and a fish that looked like Dory from finding Nemo. I was about to shrug and walk away, but the fish (not spider or sea slugs) did the most insane thing: They all leaped about 6 feet.
     They didn't just jump, they jumped towards me when I wan't looking, so I ran.
     I ran to the living room, and sighed with relief, until I went to scratch my head. Guess what was waiting for me there. That's right! A fish.
     I slapped the fish off my head, and rubbed by now wet hand against my shirt. It was disgusting and the fish was all scaly and wet and slimy.
     I was terrified.
     I tried to tell my family to save themselves, but they literally didn't care.

    There was a fish wriggling in my mom's hair, and instead of losing her mind, she continued working.
     I lost my mind. I kept watch of the fish, and periodically checked my hair for any surprises.

     Soon, I found that there was a goldfish on my head, so I grabbed its tail and flung it into a metal pot.
     It stopped jumping. I thought I killed it.
    It was disgusting, scary and bizarre, and although I felt guilty, I felt like I conquered the fish beasts.
     It was then that I realized that I didn't own a metal pot. Therefore, I woke up.
I woke up pondering why I realized I was dreaming by remembering that I didn't have a metal pot, instead of the fact that there were strange children in my house, or that my house was on top of a large Arabian skyscraper. So I shrugged, and got out of bed.

Fire Dragon vs. Beowulf


Quick Update

Quick Update Sep. 12, 2014

I'm just going to throw in a quick little update for my characters - just some minor changes in design at most.

Overall Changes for all Characters

- All characters are now drawn at approximately the same height. Ain't nobody got time to draw height differences.
- Will have more... poses?


[Me] If you found me in the updated Atomic Acid Crew picture, congrats. I'll be using that style for the summer, mostly. Still needs more work.
[Phil] Right side of face no longer has a jagged edge.
[NMR8R] Head is slightly smaller, it was a bit huge. His blue markings seem to have faded away... Is it a sign of some sort?
[Louise & Aaron] More versatile. They wouldn't be looking the same every time
[Green] Green has went back to the dark side (for now), thus turning his/her fur a purple void color.
[Beartrap] No changes here.


The Atomic Acid Crew - Updated

Welcome Dude and Doug the Devil Dog into the crew!
They came after the first one was made.
All characters here belong to their respective owners.



I found this in my Downloads folder... and it was from May 1, 2014
Used Kleki on the PC for the first time that day and it didn't end well.


Eye test,


"Are oranges called orange because of the color orange? Or is the color orange called orange because oranges are orange?"

Drawing With a Track Pad

Also, because of limited internet connectivity, and that I'm currently out of state, content is difficult to post. Expect better content after the summer.


A Timely Update

I've decided that I myself, will try to post one comic every Saturday, at 7:00 AM. I may post stuff at anytime between each Saturday, but you can definitely expect a comic every Saturday no matter what*.
Also, I drew a dinosaur holding a microphone.
*I don't mean that. I'm only narwhal ._.


The Pixel Showdown

Progress I made in pixel art. This means that this isn't done, and this is my first time

My Hipster Playlist 2

Artist Song
Digitalism Circles
Neon Indian Suns Irrupt
Architecture In Helsinki Escapee
Friendly Fires Skeleton Boy
Arcade Fire The Suburbs
Alex Metric It Starts
Kasket Klub Moody Melody
Miike Snow Burial
Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
The Shins Sleeping Lessons


The Stalkatron

Do you ever find yourself siting on a grey blob, on a video game website, like steam, thinking whether or not to accept a friend request, just because s/he is good at a game? Well look no more:

 Introducing, the Stalkaton! It helps you view a gamer through there screen. What? No, it's not hacking into their devices camera, or computer screen, making their facial features totally disposable to the world, psht, what? No... Well anyways, with a click of this button, you can see how old, or how swag that person looks, before accepting their friend requests. Even if they don't have a camera, this thingy allows you to hack, um... I mean look into their files, to reveal their identity, or who they really are. 

And once you press it, " Wallah", the Stalkaton goes at work. And no more "friends", like this one here: 

The Stalkatron: absolutely safe, and minding your own beeswax. Not available in stores near you.

WARNING: IF CAUGHT USING THIS OBJECT, imprisonment may be given from 10 to 125 years. May also result in sudden death if water is put onto it by laughter. No rapping or stalking intended. Enjoy! . 


Beach Day

Of course I've haven't posted anything in quite some time. Here you go. Finally, something that wasn't scrapped
Yeaaah... I put up the colored (flat) one after I finish it.
Bear isn't here because it doesn't like hot temperatures and the salty water would cause problems. I wasn't here since I didn't draw my summer look. Sketched some looks, but I didn't like them.

Dr. Iron Head Ink Drawing and Sketch

Put your cursor over it to see the sketch



I haven't posted in a long time, and I thought I would put something up. I'm planning on creating a rotating header, but I don't know how to do it. Make each one different styles? Add a different figure in every image? Add text and copy Minecraft? I don't know. I have everything ready except the images.
What we have now:
 I was thinking that someone could save the image and edit, or create something completely new (using the dimensions 697 by 240).
It can be e-mailed to waltardsmail@gmail.com, or added in the comments using the cool feature disqus gives you.
If you don't want to do that, suggestions would be nice.


New Character Sneak Peek

New upcoming character (As six wasn't enough!). Will be revealed in the upcoming future... SOON*
Overall character changes may happen too...
*Possibly in a year or two


My Hipster Playlist 1

Artist Song
Siriusmo High Together
Neon Indian Polish Girl
Passion Pit It's Not My Fault I'm Happy/Carried Away/The Reeling
Miami Nights 1984 Ocean Drive
College Teenage Colors
Power Glove Power Core
Lazerhawk Cool Breeze
Miike Snow The Wave/Animal/Cult Logic
MGMT Congratulations/Time To Pretend/Weekend Wars
Beach House Myth

Doug The Devil Dog

I am now introducing a new recurring character named Doug. Look at him. He's pretty cool. I'll try making most of his comics have an alternative ending if you put your mouse over the last panel (that should be cool) . I tested that out with the previous post (it was drawn poorly, it was mostly a test .) "A lot of people" is also gonna come up a lot, cause he's a great metaphor, (but not person.) So be prepared to receive precious, invaluable knowledge about my pet peeves through a mini comic series (that involves Doug) called "What I Hate"
These are sketches of Doug.

What I Hate: SmartA**'s



Drew this yesterday... at midnight... on the iPad. That explains the potato quality.