I haven't posted in a long time, and I thought I would put something up. I'm planning on creating a rotating header, but I don't know how to do it. Make each one different styles? Add a different figure in every image? Add text and copy Minecraft? I don't know. I have everything ready except the images.
What we have now:
 I was thinking that someone could save the image and edit, or create something completely new (using the dimensions 697 by 240).
It can be e-mailed to waltardsmail@gmail.com, or added in the comments using the cool feature disqus gives you.
If you don't want to do that, suggestions would be nice.


New Character Sneak Peek

New upcoming character (As six wasn't enough!). Will be revealed in the upcoming future... SOON*
Overall character changes may happen too...
*Possibly in a year or two


My Hipster Playlist 1

Artist Song
Siriusmo High Together
Neon Indian Polish Girl
Passion Pit It's Not My Fault I'm Happy/Carried Away/The Reeling
Miami Nights 1984 Ocean Drive
College Teenage Colors
Power Glove Power Core
Lazerhawk Cool Breeze
Miike Snow The Wave/Animal/Cult Logic
MGMT Congratulations/Time To Pretend/Weekend Wars
Beach House Myth

Doug The Devil Dog

I am now introducing a new recurring character named Doug. Look at him. He's pretty cool. I'll try making most of his comics have an alternative ending if you put your mouse over the last panel (that should be cool) . I tested that out with the previous post (it was drawn poorly, it was mostly a test .) "A lot of people" is also gonna come up a lot, cause he's a great metaphor, (but not person.) So be prepared to receive precious, invaluable knowledge about my pet peeves through a mini comic series (that involves Doug) called "What I Hate"
These are sketches of Doug.

What I Hate: SmartA**'s



Drew this yesterday... at midnight... on the iPad. That explains the potato quality.