How Field Trips Changed My Life

I thought I would make one of 'em "blog posts" about my own life, and I decided that it would be about: Field Trips.

There was one field trip in particular, a trip that any young person, would have the time of their lives. A lot of the trip is blurry to me, but I enjoyed it a little to much... until I met a magician.

This is a REAL magician (hired to do magic TRICKS [Not creepy men who say they can perform magic in the streets to little children, but an actual staged one.])
no no

I never saw a magician in real life, and that day, was the day I finally got to see one. Like any other little pupil, I jumped at my chance to be a volunteer. I was picked at the wrong Magic Trick.

Good Planning
The stage was in the park, outside, and pretty small, but it was still magic. As I walked up the steps, onto the stage, smiling at my class mates, I was eagerly contemplating the entire trick in my head. I would come out a star. The magician would magically turn me famous.

I got the opposite. The magician handed me a wand, and the wand broke into connected pieces, just because I was holding it. He kept handing me these wands, that all broke, the minute he let go of them.
MagicBad Magic

 He pretended to say that I couldn't hold the wand right, and he showed the entire class how he could hold that wand. Then he picked another volunteer, and some how made him/her (I don't really remember) hold the wand correctly. Since my class mates were young and honestly believed in magic, they were mad at me because I couldn't hold the wand right. I was pretty much disappointed for the rest of the trip afterwards.  

I was an optimistic kid, always searching for a chance to be happy. I found happiness by the end of the trip. Back in the class room, our teacher was asking us if we enjoyed the trip. Out of sheer excitement, I let out a shout, saying,


Every one in my desk stared sternly at me, and made bad comments at my action. That is how I became the not so optimistic kid for the rest of the year and years after that, but I some how managed to bring up my optimistic self up again, but once you're pessimistic, you'll probably stay that way, or still have thoughts like that.