Dovepoo: The Smell Of The Future

 Introducing, Dove Poo, the new shampoo, that takes hair hygiene to a brand new level! Now, you do not have to handle artificial hair products, who Photoshop Fabio's hair into their commercials make it look fabulous to use. Our, Dove poo, (Dovepoo, trademarked), uses, only all natural Dove Poo, to satisfy your scalp, with a soft and mushy sensation, that will make your whole body, and not just your hair, feel amazing! Dove Poo, Smelling, and looking fresh since the year 2000 and never. 

People, like Joey here, enjoy the fresh, and all natural scent, and touch of DovePoo, and are one of 10 MILLION, satisfied customers, who gave DovePoo, a big thumbs, undecided! 
This shampoo contains of highly poisonous ingredients, that may cause death, unconsciousness, death, severe diarrhea, as well as insensitive amounts, of death, again
Price: Negative, Not! 1000 dollars, and one fifth, of a cent. 

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